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Introducing Nelia Annandale: A Journey from Entrepreneur to Artist

With a remarkable history as the founder of the successful kids clothing brand Keedo, Nelia’s passion for investing in our children and nurturing our planet has guided her entrepreneurial journey for three decades. Recently embarking on a new chapter as a full-time artist, she has taken a bold step forward, embracing her innate artistic spirit and committing herself to the creation of purposeful works that inspire, and advocate for a better world.

Nelia’s path as an entrepreneur has always been driven by a profound belief in the power of education, care, and sustainability in shaping a brighter future . Her brand, Keedo, became synonymous with ethically made clothing that blended comfort, style, and a deep respect for Mother Earth. Through her work, Nelia fostered awareness of the importance of conscious consumerism and instilled values of compassion, creativity, and environmental stewardship in countless families around the world.

However, life’s unexpected turns often lead us down new and transformative avenues. After a devastating warehouse fire that consumed a huge supply of Keedo raw material and product, Nelia embraced the opportunity for change and growth. It was a turning point that awakened her artistic spirit, propelling her towards a new creative endeavour.

As a full-time artist, Nelia channels her vast life experiences, entrepreneurial acumen, and passion for purposeful expression into her contemporary, abstract and thought-provoking artwork.

By transitioning from entrepreneur to artist, Nelia continues to fashion our future, albeit through a different medium. Her purposeful works invite us to pause, reflect, and connect with the profound messages they convey. Through her art, she encourages us to protect our environment, and embrace the boundless potential for positive change within ourselves.

Introducing Nelia’s first body of work, a three series journey...


View Nelia’s latest artwork

PETRICHOR (The smell of rain on dry earth)

The “Petrichor” series holds a special place in Nelia’s heart, encapsulating her personal journey from emotional drought to the sacredness of a thunderstorm, the abundance of rain, and the tranquil scent of Petrichor.


In the second series, which includes a triptych, viewers are confronted with the consequences of our actions, while offering a glimpse of hope and transformation.


Nelia uses the warehouse fire as her muse in the first series ‘Fire’. It consists of paintings that follow her journey from absolute devastation to resilience, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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